HEKLER Etymologies

a: heklati (verb, Serbo-Croatian) - to crochet; a communal action mostly, if not exclusively, done by women. Cross-culturally, crocheting and knitting are performative actions of coding through which the community shares, heals, and conspires against oppressive regimes.

b: heklati (verb, Serbo-Croatian, slang) - to shoot from a Heckler & Koch assault rifle; the sound of a gun; to speak rapid fire

c: a heckler (noun, Eng.) - a person who interrupts a performer or public speaker with derisive or aggressive comments or abuse; a disruption.


  • Build a rhizomatic, self-organizing network of individuals and collectives across disciplines, ethnicities, and geographic locations in order to generate alternative educational environments where presentation, discussion, and cross-pollination of ideas relevant to contributing political contexts can take place.

  • Create an open source platform (currently HEKLER website), as an archive of readings, podcasts, interviews, documentation, and reviews of events that inform a better understanding of historic and current systems of power and oppression. The goal is to make the symbiotic relationships between these mechanisms palpable and visible. HEKLER always welcomes suggestions and contributions that will inform this archive.

  • Fortify and expand the following values: solidarity - collaborative economy - creative accountability - visibility of labor - collaborative resistance/resilience - rhizomatic distribution of resources - intersectionality - horizontal contribution.

Who is HEKLER ?

HEKLER is an artist-run collaborative platform that actively engages artists, writers, thinkers, activists, and creatives to work together towards facilitating and realizing HOST and MEDIUM programing. Founded by artists Nataša Prljević and Joshua Nierodzinski in Brooklyn, NY.


  • An individual that is actively involved in the development of programming and/or events and whose values and goals are aligned with the HEKLER mission. Contributions can include logistics, administration, promotion, installation, facilitation, and archiving.

  • An individual who is invited or requests to organize or participate in the intellectual and material content of a HEKLER programming event.

  • A self-defined organization or collective body that supports HEKLER through collaborative action. Support can be in the form of providing space, funding, promotion, solidarity, and/or co-organizing of programming.

HEKLER is not affiliated with any religious or political groups or organizations. It is an entity that encompasses and weaves together a range of perspectives. The views of individual HEKLER Collaborators and Allies are unique to that body and, while maybe shared, do not represent the views of HEKLER.


HEKLER HOST brings together 2+ collaborators to create 4 hours of programming featuring a combination of food, music, exhibition, performance, book launch, spoken word or reading that examines a topic of shared concern. The events are hosted by partnering satellite venues provided by (=) and collaborators. Upon request and feasibility, (=) team can provide structural and networking support in a close dialogue with the proponent. The events can be by invitation only or open to public depending of the proponent’s preference.

HEKLER MEDIUM:  facilitates round-table discussions, exhibitions, and podcasts that examine the origins, mutations, and consequences of contemporary conflicts through an interdisciplinary lens. The events are hosted by partnering satellite venues via (=) members and allies. (=) team provides structural and networking support in close dialogue with the collaborator(s). The events can be invitation only or open to the public, depending of the collaborator's preference.

HEKLER Test Kitchen gives collaborators the opportunity to share and test newly baked ideas in a domestic setting. The format is variable and facilitates groups of up to 13 participants. (=) team provides structural and networking support in a close dialogue with the proponent.


Medium: and HOST/ events are accompanied by a HEKLER publications whose shape and content are defined by the organizer of the event and the participants. All publications are made available online in PDF format in the HEKLER Publications archive.


HEKLER is made possible with the support and active engagement of collaborators, allies, participants, and audience.

If you wish to support HEKLER by financial contribution go HERE.

If you wish to support or get involved in any other capacity please contact heklerke@gmail.com